The Decision Sciences for Child Health Collaborative (DSCCo) was originally founded by Ellen Lipstein, MD, MPH as the Society for Medical Decision Making’s Pediatric Interest Group. DSCCo is currently co-chaired by Jody Lin, MD, MS and Davene R. Wright, PhD.

Mission: To support the use of decision sciences methods for child health research by 

Upcoming event

Show and Tell

Second Tuesday of every month

1pm ET | 10am PT


Are you looking for invite a speaker to give a seminar on a topic related to pediatric medical decision making? Check out this spreadsheet with information about prospective speakers.

Do you want to have an opportunity to disseminate your research findings and/or get feedback on your approach? Submit your proposed talk using this form. Additionally, you can view potential hosts via this spreadsheet.

Meetings and Events

DSCCo meets in-person twice annually at the Pediatric Academic Societies meeting in the Spring and at the Society for Medical Decision Making North American Annual Meeting in October. At these in-person meetings, we endeavor to offer short courses, symposia, and networking events. 

In between in-person meetings, we endeavor to host journal clubs and symposia, and to draft collaborative manuscripts. We publicize pediatric decision sciences-related research, job postings, and training opportunities through our quarterly newsletters, mailing listserv, and our Twitter account.

Workshops, Journal Clubs, and Symposia